216,000 uniquely sanctimonious slanders

Not that you can probably count that high, you frothy, motley-minded giglet.
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JerkSpeare is the industry leading IaaS (Insults as a Service) provider. Our proprietary technology serves insults with the tap of a button, leveraging our quantum holographic computing platform housed at the National Laboratory of Insults in Brooklyn, NY.

JerkSpeare is the PREMIER, VOICE-ENABLED Shakepearean insult generator, with smooth graphics and a fun slot-machine style randomizer offering 216,000 uniquely sanctimonious slanders.

Build insults manually, or press the button and hear the pompous English-accented verbal assailant berate you or anyone within earshot.

JerkSpeare also enables you to send your best, foulest insults directly to your frenemies by text message, so you're sure never to waste a particularly colorful invective.

The JerkSpeare Team

Not so much a "team" as a "guy" who does not actually know how to "program." But the app works great. We swear.
Steve Grind
Steve Grind
Founder & CEO